Sterile Glove Dispenser Information

Sterile Glove Pack Dispensers - Product Guide & Information for 

Mölnlycke Biogel®, Ansell Encore® and Ansell Gammex® Types

After carrying out a process of product rationalisation regarding our Sterile Glove Dispensers we have now adopted a modular approach to manufacturing which will;


Reduce production times and therefore mean shorter lead times
Make shipping and manual handling easier thus reducing the risk of damage while in transit and during installation
Give greater flexibility over what you can fit into your available space
Allow us to offer the full range of Ansell Gammex® type dispensers which prior to this was limited


We've also taken this opportunity to update their product codes to make it easier to identify the unit's format e.g. the new product code for our SGD3 is now followed by its format i.e. '(3x1)' meaning 3 compartments across and 1 high. In the case of the SGD2, SGD4, SGD6, and SGD12s, these all have two alternative formats as shown below in diagrams 1 and 2.


The basis of this new approach consists of manufacturing a core base of units that go to make up the rest of the existing product line-up. The base units are listed as follows SGD2(1x2), SGD2(2x1), SGD3(3x1), SGD4(2x2), and SGD4(4x1).


All the bigger formats will now be made up of these core base units and will be recognisable by there being a 'P' in the code to signify it is a 'package' of core units i.e. the 12 compartment products are now coded 'SGD12P(6x2)' (i.e. 6 across x 2 high) or, 'SGD12P(4x3)' (i.e. 4 across x 3 high).


Flat Top or Sloping Top?


Our sterile glove dispensers come with either a flat or sloping top and when ordering you will need to specify which type you require via the product's code.


Sloping Tops are usually specify to discourage the storage of items on top while the Flat Top type suit confined spaces or where you need to stack one dispenser on top of the other i.e. the lower one with a flat top and the upper one with a sloping top.


If you are ordering one of the new 'packaged' units (a combination of core base units) we will despatch the units with the top unit (or units) with your choice of top (sloping or flat).  Also included with the packages will be clear diagrammatic instructions to show installers/fitters how to arrange the package of units to achieve your desired format.

Diagram 1: SGD Core Product Range

ANGLOPLAS Sterile Glove Dispenser Core Product diagram

Diagram 2: The Larger size dispensers (below) are made up of packages of the core product range (above)

ANGLOPLAS Sterile Glove Dispenser Packaged Product diagram