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Angloplas delivery charges

Delivery Charges for Large Products - Dosimeter Badge Boards, Surgical Glove (Biogel®/Gammex®), Glove & Double Apron, Gown, Suture Dispensers

These products have their own delivery charges due to their large volumes and are shown in the table below.

Please locate the product code in the left hand column and read off the price in the appropriate destination column. If you are ordering online these delivery charges and VAT will be applied automatically during the checkout process. Prices shown are per dispenser.

If you are ordering via email please remember to apply the appropriate charge and then add VAT (@ 20%) to give you your order total.

Southern Ireland, rest of Europe, Jersey and Guernsey Orders*

We are currently finding it increasingly difficult to publish any form of 'standard' shipping prices to the above destinations especially where multiple products are being ordered. Therefore we have decided that each order should be priced individually with regards to its shipping cost. We apologise for any inconvenience but in order to give you the most competitive prices please contact us for a complete quotation i.e. please email us with item product codes, quantities required and delivery address(es) in order for us to supply you with a prompt quotation. The same applies for all other export orders.

For information concerning our Delivery Policy please click this link; HELP+INFO or DELIVERY for our Standard Product Delivery Charges.
Large Product -
Product Code

Scottish Highlands & Islands, 
Isle of Wight

Northern Ireland,
Isle of Man,
Scilly Isles
*Southern Ireland/EU, Guernsey, Jersey,
rest of World
Suture-2S-482-265-160 (Suture)
£10.50 £20.00 £23.80 email us for price(s)
GAD4-2 (Quad glove & double apron)
TRD-3x6-50W (Tape roll holder)
£12.00 £21.80 £25.60 email us for price(s)
Suture-4S-482-425-160 (Suture) £14.00 £23.80 £27.60 email us for price(s)
XRBH1-50-BIO (Dosimeter Badge Board 50)
GWN2-1-BIO (Gown)
£18.00 £27.80 £31.60 email us for price(s)
Suture12-(3x4)-BIO (Suture) £19.00 £28.80 £32.60 email us for price(s)
GWN1-1-BIO (Gown)
GWN2-2-BIO (Gown)
£22.00 £31.80 £35.60 email us for price(s)
GWN1-2-BIO (Gown)
Suture-5S-740-470-160 (Suture)
Suture20-(4x5)-BIO (Suture)
Suture30-(5x6)-BIO (Suture)
Suture30-(6x5)-BIO (Suture)
Suture36-(6x6)-BIO (Suture)
£28.00 £37.80 £41.60 email us for price(s)
GWN3-2-BIO (Gown) £37.00 £46.80 £50.60 email us for price(s)


Sterile Glove Pack Dispenser -
Product Code (*prices are the same for
Sloping and Flat tops)
Phone if more than... UK
Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Wight Northern Ireland,Isle of Man, Scilly Isles *Southern Ireland/EU, Guernsey, Jersey,
rest of World
SGD1*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
4 units £10.50 £20.00 £23.80 email us for price(s)
SGD2(1x2)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD2(2x1)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD2(1x2)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
SGD2(2x1)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)

4 units £11.40 £21.20 £25.00 email us for price(s)
SGD3(3x1)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD3(3x1)*L130-160-BIO (Gammex)
4 units £16.90 £26.70 £30.50 email us for price(s)
SGD4(2x2)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD4(4x1)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD4(2x2)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
SGD4(4x1)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
4 units £22.40 £32.20 £36.00 email us for price(s)
SGD5P(5x1)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD5P(5x1)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
2 units £18.10 £27.90 £31.70 email us for price(s)
SGD6P(3x2)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD6P(2x3)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD6P(3x2)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
SGD6P(2x3)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
2 units £23.60 £33.40 £37.20 email us for price(s)
SGD8P(4x2)-BIO*L (Biogel & Encore)
SGD8P(4x2)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
1 unit £34.60 £44.40 £48.20 email us for price(s)
SGD9P(3x3)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD9P(3x3)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
1 unit £30.30 £40.10 £43.90 email us for price(s)
SGD10P(5x2)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD10P(5x2)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
1 unit £35.80 £45.60 £49.40 email us for price(s)
SGD12P(6x2)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD12P(4x3)*L-BIO (Biogel & Encore)
SGD12P(6x2)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
SGD12P(4x3)130-160*L-BIO (Gammex)
1 unit £46.80 £50.60 £60.40 email us for price(s)