NHS Ordering Information

nhs logo, Government Agencies, Credit Account Holder's Purchase orders* are welcome ...



If we are not already set up as a supplier on your system please contact us and we will send you a complete information pack by return to enable you to do so. Please note that if you cannot find us under 'Angloplas', please try 'Stock Holdings Ltd'.


We are PEPPOL compliant and can process e-orders, order confirmations and e-invoicing. Find us via you PEPPOL Access Point.

You can also find us on the GHX Nexus and MultiQuote platforms.


Product Prices, Delivery & Packing 

To produce your purchase order please be sure to choose the correct price(s) from the quantity/price tables that are shown next to each product. Once you know the total quantity of products you'd like to order please apply the appropriate packing & delivery price which you can find by either clicking the DELIVERY option on the menu above or on the link below to open the page in a new window:

Delivery & Packing Costs

Please also remember to add VAT at the current rate to the total. 

If you decide to order online then Delivery & Packing costs plus VAT will be automatically calculated & added to the total.